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29 Oct 2019 08:26

I have articles which has multiple child articles.

I opened one of them which had 12 child articles. I started adding another 12 and after this, I checked and first two from old child articles have dissapeared in child list inside that parent article, while they are on their section, only they don't have value in relation field so connection is lost between parent and child for some strange reason.

What is that reason and how can I avoid it?

Limit children per parent is set to 1000 so it should not have problem.

Limit children list in record full is also set to 1000.

Last Modified: 26 Nov 2019

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26 Nov 2019 15:18

This is very weired issue and hard to guess. It should not work like this. еheonly asumption right now I can see as you accidentely removed it but did not notice when and how.

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