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05 Apr 2012 07:00

On our MintJoomla site we want to use social comment system. Do you think Facebook comments ok?

I know that people will have to have FB (or AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail) account in order to comment. But it is neat.

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andiamine VIP
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06 Apr 2012 11:54

Hi, i dont like facebook it's not professional in bussines websites Like MintJoomla so i suggest to u to use disqus

  • Realtime comment system
  • Social integration
  • The Community Box
  • Connected communities

the big advantage that u can connect with any account to post ur comment it's more opened



andiamine VIP
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11 Apr 2012 16:18

Hi i cant add comment in Cobalt update post, plz check



pepperstreet VIP
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13 Apr 2012 08:28

Disqus is much cooler and modern... also fits into your Gantry Template.

(To be honest, I don´t like it to be "tracked" by such services. Somehow, i still have a bad feeling about them)

andiamine VIP
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13 Apr 2012 09:56

what about comments in 3dp extensions? and share field too, regards ANDI

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