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09 Aug 2012 21:36


I'm trying to add the {easyfolderlistingpro} shortcode inside a sub-category description but it's just being output as text. Is there any way to interpret it?

It works on article pages, and it's not any

tags, I've checked.

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10 Aug 2012 02:57

This is solved for next build. Added content prepare for category, section and type descriptions.

10 Aug 2012 09:23

That's wonderful, so should I download a beta version or...?

pepperstreet VIP
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10 Aug 2012 14:53

12 Aug 2012 07:14

Sounds sweet! Can't wait to see if it works then it would really be awesome!

16 Aug 2012 06:15

Hi guys,

I just tried it with the new build, sorry to say it still looks the same. I'm more than happy to provide login information for this website, maybe it's something I missed.

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16 Aug 2012 07:59

What I need, please attach plugin which you expect to work with {easyfolderlistingpro}

16 Aug 2012 13:05

Please accept my apologies,

I must have downloaded the previous build. Everything is OK on the 8937 build, sorry to take up your valuable time :)

Cobalt FTW!

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16 Aug 2012 19:44

If you like it I will very appreciate your review on JED :)

17 Aug 2012 04:46

Done. Thanks again.

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