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16 Jul 2013 04:09

Angeldesk is getting old. it requires time and to maintain and money. Now it needs serious changes in UI and flow. I estimate more than 40 hours of work.

We want to create public Github account where we will store Cobalt and emerald documentation in form of WiKi or html static website and other can contribute.

We need your opinion what do you think of this idea.


  1. We will be able to close issues right from our commits.

  2. Better categorization

  3. Notification system

  4. Email piping (respond with email reply)

  5. This one more selfish but we will save $50 monthly.

  6. We save a lot of time for updating Angeldesk to modern level and invest that time into our extensions.

  7. We will get public repository of documentation and other people can contribute.


To me there is only one but looks like serious issue that can beat all pros

  1. require github account

Last Modified: 02 Mar 2014

stblink VIP
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16 Jul 2013 08:39

I already visited github although for nothing special.

Mintjoomla spending less money and invest more time improving products is very appealing.

Angeldesk system is nice, very eye-candy and believe most users will miss that. But the product here is not Angeldesk but Cobalt and Emerald, so as long the support continues the same i don't mind visiting github.

Sackgesicht VIP
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16 Jul 2013 09:52

My biggest issue with angeldesk is, that the search will not deliver expected results.

You have to create your own knowledgebase, because you will not be able to find articles/topics you search ..

The next issue with angeldesk is the tracking .. i repeated quite some bugs/request because they might have been overlooked from time to time ..

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16 Jul 2013 13:57

So @sack are you agree to move to github? i know AngelDesk needs refurbishment. that is why we want to move. Because we do not have time for that. And GitHub issue tracker just fine for that. And it searches well. And also show you your own issues. Also there is tagging which may make it easier to search.

Also there is assign and you can see who is assigned and when it is fixed.

To me it is good tool But not very user friendly. Like for example zendesk or getasatisfaction. Those services created for public feedbacks. Github is more issue tracker not a forum.

On the other hand all reports and ideas have to be recreated in github for processing. This is also double work.

I do not know why but I do not feel 100% confident with this idea. I mean I like it and I want it but internal voice tells me "Think more.."

pepperstreet VIP
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17 Jul 2013 18:49

Still have to get used to GitHub usage, but the latest UI changes are an improvemant.

In regards of MintJoomla Extensions, i like the idea for (real)** bug tracking and community driven code contributions**. Might be a quick way to get some things into the core and free fields... i.e. branches and pull-requests etc. Overall, it feels more like a developer community and repository. Modern, but technically and feature specific to them. Categorization and Milestones seems to be a good way to assign issues for one common product like "Cobalt" -> Milestone C7 -> Milestone C8 ...

Not sure if this is a good place for Customer/General User support, in regards of how to's, config questions etc. The average user might be overwhelmed by the UI, terminology.

Maybe feature requests are between those two user groups. Some user are more advanced and technical (those might understand GitHub in parts), others might see Cobalt and Usage from a simpler perspective... more into configuration, workflows and use cases. (those might have problems with GitHub)


**I still like it. Not really a problem to find related or my topics. Maybe a question of some discipline in creating and searching of topics and there titles. I guess, that applies to any forum/discussion/ticket system. The more users and posts, the more uncontrolled growth and lost of overview.

Although, tags would be a nice addition. Or extended bookmarking (collections).

Re-Creating topics is always a pain. But that was also the case on AngelDesk and carrying things from ME Resources -> [6G] -> C7 -> C8 -> ...

londoh VIP
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22 Jul 2013 05:57

I never used angeldesk before recently here at mintjoomla, but I can say I dont particularly like it at all.

I really dont like the fact that I cant just register to sign in - it appears I can only use some 3rd party provider such as facebook yahoo etc and then has to be via and who are they to grab my data? No way.

And its outdated and clunky. Perhaps it works better if logged in but...

So I agree you need to find a better solution.

I also agree with pepperstreet comments:

  • github is good for bug tracking and community driven code contributions.

  • but not a good place for 'Joe User' Customer/General support

Whats wrong with an own hosted forum? (apart from the hassle of hosting it and running it of course!)


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22 Jul 2013 11:55

has to be via and who are they to grab my data? No way.

There are a lot of confusion on this issue around some people.

This is Jainrain that helps quickly integrate social login to your site. Your account (facebook or twitter) credential are not passed to anyone under any circumstances.

What i mean, it does not matter who is checking your login or other, they only receive confirmation from login provider if login was successfull. But in no scenario login provider will transfer you login credential to anyone.

In fact this even means that login with facebook more save than create your account. Because in this case we do not receive any sensitive information and do not make any validation. It is all dome on the servers of login providers in highly secure environment.

Knowing that we only receive trusted confirmation we even do not require to confirm email address.

Yes we get email address from login provider. But we would get it anyway if you would register on AngelDesk.

has to be via and who are they to grab my data? No way.

Whats wrong with an own hosted forum? (apart from the hassle of hosting it and running it of course!)

Classic forums for discussions. We would like to use something like getasatisfaction, zendesk or uservoice. Those are specialised applications to support customers. Butch better than classic forum. Although forum might be good for C2C support.

londoh VIP
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22 Jul 2013 12:40

Your account (facebook or twitter) credential are not passed to anyone under any circumstances.

I understand well enough how it works and know they dont get my actual credentials, but they can pull a lot of personal data if I give my permission.

In any case you can call me old fashioned :D - because I dont use fb or twitter or linkedin or...

and anyway it aint no big deal... just sayin...

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23 Jul 2013 10:38

this is only gateway. But angeldesk has its own apps on twitter and facebbok and in fact you authorise only AngelDesk for this.

Even more. Angeld desk does not ask for anything but email address name and avatar if possible. It does not require authorization to post on your wall or even read your wall or any other data.

londoh VIP
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23 Jul 2013 17:31

ok... I'm paranoid... I know it...

but just cos I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me! :O

but anyway if I not mistaken you brought up leaving angeldesk - I was just agreeing with you! :D

klox7 VIP
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20 Dec 2013 01:40

Why don't you do it with Cobalt? I don't know github much and I don't know if it's possible to do with Cobalt but anyway... It would be nice to see all your services run on your own products.

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