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31 Jan 2013 19:13

I'm impressed about cobalt & and your work... awesome!



Last Modified: 02 Mar 2014

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01 Feb 2013 00:06

It should be

$this->record->archive = 1;

Thank you for report.

01 Feb 2013 08:35

hi Sergey

i tried that "$this->record->archive = 1; "

but nothing happens... ok.. no sql-error.. but the doc will not archived. it stays in the publish section.

if i do both:

    $this->record->published = 2;

    $this->record->archive = 1;

then the document is archived.... mmh.. do i something wrong? ._.

ps: sorry... for my bad english.

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02 Feb 2013 22:56

I have made some changed but to archive you have to still use only

$this->record->archive = 1;

Next version all archived records will be hidden.

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