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09 Dec 2013 14:23

We are trying to simulate a multi language site under Joomla 2.5 and Cobalt 7. The site is live already and most functions are working but we need some tuning.

To have each language, we have 2 sections for all the events on each of the 2 languages we have. Inside each section, 6 categories.

There are 5 categories which must display the events all the time and 1 category which should perhaps be a main category and have the others as subcategories of this, since everytime we publish an event we must publish the event on this main category too (and its normal category) which will hide events already in the past (it just shows future events).

Question 1: What is the best way to have Cobalt treat that as the category to show links to the same event? Right now the record id is the same number but the url is different depending on which category we are looking at.

Question 2: What is the best way to have the main category behave like now, i.e. show only future events in the all other categories? And have the other categories show its events in past or future?

urls for tips:

If we access from the main category: http://www.site.com/lang/events/item/26-events/243-fundraising-2014.html

If we access from inside another category (not main): http://www.site.com/lang/events/item/8-charity/243-fundraising-2014.html

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10 Dec 2013 09:51

You can add events only to subcategories of our main category but in section in Records mode, allow to see articles from all category node. This way you will see article in 2 categories but it will have only one category.

To hide expired articles set who cat see future articles to no one in section parameters.

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