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14 Nov 2014 12:48

Hi There,

I am attempting to integrate my Cobalt job board with my EasySocial user profiles, ideally I would like something similar to the Cobalt APP listed on Stackideas ( http://stackideas.com/apps/item/7-cobalt ) but I cant seem to get this to work with the latest release of EasySocial.

  • User name as link to EasySocial profile in Cobalt section.
  • User name with send PM link in Cobalt section.
  • Avatar.
  • Default avatar.
  • Profile and dashboard application that show different articles from Cobalt section
  • Timeline. All or selected Cobalt events appear on user's timeline.

I just downloaded and installed the package from http://stackideas.com/apps/item/7-cobalt I have enabled the Cobalt - Plugin - Easysocial I enabled the app and set it to default in EasySocial User — Cobalt [7]

But in the EasySocial dashboard and profile nothing happens, the job posts created by this author are not loaded. And the author is not linked to the post created using Cobalt.

Thanks for your help.


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17 Nov 2014 07:11

Can you provide link to your site and admin. Also user data with which you testing, and we test it on your site.

pepperstreet VIP
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17 Nov 2014 09:53

AFAIK, the social integrations are made for COBALT 8 and Joomla v3.x only.

Hence, you are using Cobalt 7. That version does not have "Activity", thus no activity stream integration. There is also no EasySocial avatar/profile link. Check out Cobalt global configuration: There is no EasySocial entry.

In Cobalt 7, there is an internal notifications system for display in Cobalt, also a respective module and menuItem. You can also send email alerts.

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pepperstreet VIP
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17 Nov 2014 14:40


Maybe the installation should be blocked/refused in Joomla 2.5 ?! I just made a quick test, and the installation seems to work smooth. There is even a success message. Actually, it is pointless ;)

18 Nov 2014 11:52

Thank you for looking into this for me, I thought that might be the problem but the App does state Cobalt-7, anyway I will be transferring this site to a new hosting company soon so I can upgrade to Joomla 3 and Cobalt 8. Thanks for your help.

pepperstreet VIP
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18 Nov 2014 12:56

Guest but the App does state Cobalt-7

Actually, it does not mention v7 anywhere. IMHO, the 7 is just a coincidence from stackideas URL. It is an item ID, it has nothing to do with Cobalt version number scheme.

There is a clear v8 in the icon, product specs and description. There is also a J!3.0 label/badge.

The only problem, it seems to install in J!2.5 ;)

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