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01 Jul 2014 17:43

Hi, I just buy the 2CO Hikashop plugin and everything is ok with this but I have one question:

Is it posible to implement the Inline Checkout?

If not, do you have any plan for this in the future?


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02 Jul 2014 01:03

We do not plan on-site checkout process. We only support off-site processing.

06 Jul 2014 23:17

I think you've misunderstood what 2CO's Inline checkout actually is.

It's not an on-site checkout process but instead provides a pop-up iframe which captures the card details and then processes them. This is what I'm looking for, and if you were to support this mode, I'd buy the product.

Please reconsider! Here's a link that demo's inline mode. https://www.2checkout.com/demo?method=inline#/shop



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07 Jul 2014 02:47

Looks liek it is not har to implement. I added this to plugin.

You can purchase it but if we cannot make it work I'll refund. Is that ok? But it will take some time and discussions to finalize it.

08 Jul 2014 00:16


Thanks for the reply. I'd need some idea of the timescale as we are up against a tight schedule with this project.

Alternatively, might you be interested in developing a Hikashop plug-in for PayGate? For PayGate we'd need the direct integration whereby the plug-in would need to pass to PayGate the card details from the Hikashop website...

Feel free to email me, if you'd like to take this discussion offline.


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08 Jul 2014 00:57

Updated plugin to version 1.18 with inline parameter in config.

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