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30 Mar 2021 22:55

Hello Sergey,

I am using Joomla 3.9.24 and PHP 7.3 version. The serial field has some issues.

1) In the field settings area, the unused serials are always empty even though the unused items still exist.
2) There is a code like: SELECT * FROM #__emerald_serial WHERE field_id = 2 AND active = 0 which we shouldn't see. (Most probably this is the SQL that brings the unused serials)
3) How can we send the serial number with the confirmation mail?
4) I receive another mail with subject EMR_SERIAL_BODY and body with EMR_SERIAL_SUBJECT. It should be vice versa. I tried to send this confirmation mail from an English site but the content still didn't exist. It was still being sent as a language constant as I wrote above. So how can I put the serial number in the confirmation mail?
5) There is an empty alert-info box on the frontend during the purchase. What is this I didn't understand. There is a checkbox next to it, Why and what are we checking?

Thanks a lot,

Last Modified: 10 Apr 2021

hakana VIP
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31 Mar 2021 15:26

The most important question above is: Can I send the serial with an email to the subscriber? It can be the main confirmation alert like: [SERIAL] or another separate mail.

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