hakana VIP
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03 Aug 2017 21:39

Hi Sergey,

What happened to the core Emerald package? I don't want to install everything but I can only see the everything package now. On top don't you sell it separately? Or I see the "everything" package because I bought it before?

If I already installed Emerald core separately before, when I install the "everything package" on top of it, most of my rules and actions duplicate and appear twice in extensions page.

There is something wrong with the installation of Google Analytics Tracking because its name did not duplicate in the in extensions - manage page :-) . And the new version did not appear.

There are a lot of actions and rules in the everything package. When I try to uninstall them one by one from the extensions - manage page, the small packages seem to be uninstalled but their files and directories are not deleted from the server. And the uninstall page gives an error saying that the directory was not removed.

One of the rules or actions (like sm - smarresponder) has both English and Russian ru-RU language file in it so everything package installs an empty Russian language directory in Joomla language folder.

Emerald - Gateway - Offline is seen as Emerald - Gateway - Offile in extensions - manage.

There is pkg_mint.j3.libraries.v.8.112 in the everything package. Do we really need this since it occupies a lot of diskspace and it seems to belong Cobalt but not Emerald?

In plugins folder in the server, I have directories like plugins/hikashop, plugins/k2. These directories remained even after I have uninstalled the related actions, rules etc. They should have been removed after uninstallation as well. And while creating these directories, I think these should have been created under plugins/content/hikashop etc.

I also checked the version 10. It was amazing. Big bravo to you. But I didn't like the icons and I had many design issues to fix, so I will continue with version 9 for some more time.

Last Modified: 22 Aug 2017

05 Aug 2017 17:00

hi i recently had to remove a component rule after loading the everything version. and as you say, the actual files folder for the rule isnt deleted on uninstall.

i went in after that and manually deleted on site, the rule i wanted to dispose of. com_emerald.. libraries.. rules.

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10 Aug 2017 11:18

I'll also publish ald package.

Library is needed for Emaradl 10. Emerald 10 runs on it's own MVC library and form generators.

hakana VIP
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10 Aug 2017 17:28

so can I safely remove the library from my emerald 9 package? you might consider removing it from everything package 9 as well. thank you very much.

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22 Aug 2017 11:40

hakana so can I safely remove the library from my emerald 9 package?

I woudl not suggest it. Everything that is in the pakage is required for stable work.

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