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12 May 2012 03:25

В Emerald 8 как я понял нет партнерской программы. Можно ли добавить какой-нибудь генератор уникальных пин-кодов (купонов), чтобы можно было продавать продукты (тренинги, закрытый контент...) через магазины с партнерскими программами. Да и вообще продавать свои продукты и услуги через другие торговые площадки.

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12 May 2012 20:08

Эмеральд легко интегрируется с любой партнеркой. Например iDevAffiliate, AMIGOS, JROX JAM, ... Вы можете использовать практически любой готовый скрипт Аффилиэт.

И в Эмеральде можно генерить купоны. Только это делается в ручную.

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26 Aug 2022 12:32

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03 Nov 2022 07:25

They have various variations of this famous cake, however the sweets that have the cheese among the primary fixings are certainly not a creation made in that frame of mind since really they have their underlying foundations in the most established conventional Italian cooking.

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03 Nov 2022 08:04

The different specialized glass products are coordinated with wellbeing needs that are a piece of structures. Ordinarily, there are codes that are expected to satisfy security guidelines that connect with building guidelines. This incorporates fire and effect security that is an area of the city standard.

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03 Nov 2022 08:17

Not to say that this can't work, but rather to keep away from any irreconcilable circumstance, what most land organizations will in all actuality do in this kind of circumstance is they will appoint distinct specialists, one to address you and one more to address the dealer. This is industry standard.

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03 Nov 2022 08:27

These sorts of administrations will frequently have sites were you can see some client surveys and best of this large number of kinds of maid maid service benefits typically convey protection.

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