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  • Поле HTML не выводится в статье после обновления до Joomla 3.7

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26 Apr 2017 18:51

Обновился до Joomla 3.7, после этого вместо поля HTML просто пустое место, в настройках стандартный редактор TinyMCE.

Кэш чистил.

Cobalt v8.727

Last Modified: 27 Oct 2023

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04 May 2017 14:58

А что в консоле? У меня локально все показывает на Джумла 3.7

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05 May 2017 06:14

В консоли ошибка

TypeError: u is not a constructor /media/template/tinymce.min-7c5a8365.js?daf8256bc56f13de7f8ac13b816009b1 Line 1 (строка 1, столбец 315400)


pepperstreet VIP
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06 May 2017 03:32

Cobalt 8.740 , J!3.7 , Protostar , PHP 7

  • Editor loads and works for me. I don't have such an error. I see toolbar set, which is assigned to usergroup in plugin.
  • Field parameter "Simple Mode" seem to have no effect. Still see full set of buttons for super admin.
  • Editor's Plugin parameter "Mobile mode" with larger buttons does work.

jimie VIP
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18 May 2017 18:57

I confirm this error also, the editor is not loaded even if I try Simple mode using J3.7.1

Giorgi625 VIP
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18 May 2017 20:08

I don't have problem with html field, using JCE Editor, but what I don't understand is, in my admin panel I see that my html field version is 8.48 when on mintjoomla latest version is 8.47.

jimie VIP
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24 May 2017 06:40

The problem is related with TinyMCE there were some changes in J3.7 to TinyMCE editor

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25 May 2017 14:12

I do have HTML field correctly shown in Joomla 3.7

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10 Oct 2023 01:35

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