mozaffar VIP
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17 Apr 2014 19:35


I have installed the Cobalt 7.9791 and make all the settings same as Quick Start Guide of Cobalt 8 (This Page).

But it shows me this sentence: "There are no articles here. Be first who post here."

With same settings in cobalt 8 it works properly.

Could you help me?

Last Modified: 28 Apr 2014

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18 Apr 2014 04:43

Have you set some aproving settings?

Better give us access to your site where we can see it.

mozaffar VIP
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20 Apr 2014 13:26

Unfortunately it is in local. I'm trying to do my job with joomla 3.2. I hope it helps me. otherwise I will have to upload it and comment it here.

Thank you so much.

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21 Apr 2014 07:18

Why do not you simply use Joomla 3? Update from 2.5 to 3 is not trivial. It will require a lot of efforts. Why not start building with 3 right away?

mozaffar VIP
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28 Apr 2014 03:40

Thanks. I paid for complete package and now I'm using J 3. It works fine except the GEO Field (I have posted the problem in cobalt 8 Forum. You can see my issue HERE)

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