mozaffar VIP
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01 Apr 2015 22:10


How can I change the section of a submitted record. It seems that there is no way to change the section of a submitted record. PLEASE DO NOTE that I don't want to change the category where I have no category. Just I want to change the section.

Thanks in advance

Last Modified: 20 Apr 2015

pepperstreet VIP
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01 Apr 2015 23:26

Hello mozaffar,
Good point ;) There should be a mass change or a batch tool for this purpose. Unfortunately, the backend has only "copy", there is no "move" for records.


Do you have to change a lot of records? Or just a few? The type will not change?

Suggestions / Options

A.) In your NEW Section, allow to submit the same type. Allow Section Root submission. In frontend, edit the record(s) and Save again. Most likely it should assign the records to your NEW section. (not sure, never tried it!)

B.) Maybe better and cleaner to edit the Database tables directly...
In Backend your Sections have a unique ID! See your records in DB table YourPreFix_js_res_record. See column section_id. Change the number to your NEW section ID.

For many records use PHPmyAdmin, DB Replacer by or something like MijoSQL by for minor changes. My personal favorite is DB Replacer, because it guides you through the process, very intuitive and free version is enough.

As always, make a backup first! ;)

mozaffar VIP
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04 Apr 2015 10:21


Thanks but I think this is not applicable for me because this is for lots of records and it should be done always not for one time. Anyway thanks for your friednly reply.

So I think I have to change my procedure and try other ways.

pepperstreet VIP
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04 Apr 2015 12:20

mozaffar it should be done always not for one time

I am curious... why is this?

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20 Apr 2015 06:08

Maybe a feature for Cobalt 9 to move articles from one section to another. Right now thereis no UI to do that. Right now it is possible to change it only manualy altering DB records. And yet it is not best and very relayble way. Because it might lead to errors. For example you have notification for a article which no longer exists in particular section.

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