jimie VIP
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12 Jul 2014 12:15

Hello Sergey,

Cobalt has the option where you can limit the article title characters to number of characters you want, can you please integrate this little script for it ?


It will help people understand that there`s a limit set for the max characters they can enter in the title.

As it is now, it simply stop your from typing more and some people dont understand why they can`t type more characters


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14 Jul 2014 00:29

In CObalt 9

pepperstreet VIP
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14 Jul 2014 02:42

Suggestions for C8

If parameter Title limit is used... the title field should get the proper "size" attribute and value.

Currently it seems to get always a default of "30"?! Even the final width is driven by the bootstrap class "span12":


As mentioned before, the input just stops. (bad UX)


If "size" would get the correct value, and the BS span12 would be removed... the input apperance would be a first visual hint. Temporary example with reduced size, and additional description as placeholder:



I could imagine an optional help text like there is for any other field i.e.:

  1. description parameter in type's title settings or in submission template
  2. placeholder attribute in output, which includes a very short text + limit value

Wrote a separate idea topic over here...

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