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12 Sep 2016 14:58

I wish to create two seperate forums on one site.

I have created 2 sections, one with 10 categories, the other with 2 categories.

I then make two menu items, with cobalt 8 selector, and assign a different section to each.

When I click on the different sections, both of them show the section with 10 categories.

I'm a little confused.



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16 Sep 2016 11:17

Check that you selected right different section in each menu. Also check that in section parameter menu item id targed are not set or set correctly.

If you still fail, give me access to your site I'll check it.

But why don't you create one section and 2 level categories. First level is 2 categories like 2 forums you have and inside other categories. That is how forums like phpbb or SMF forums are done.

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