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10 Feb 2015 10:46

I know cobalt 8 has delivered lots of good features , but I still believe it lacks few must functonalities that it should be considered for cobalt 9.

Here are the recommendations from me:

1) It should have a better template for listing (records) and record view - where you can setup elements/fields on the basis of grid or column and row structure

2) Email functionality needs to be extended - For example in records template, end user needs to have ability to select multiple records and send mail to all record owners at one time.

3) Search/cobalt filter module needs to have a good template where you can place the fields on row/column basis. Also this filter needs to have similar features like advanced search functionality. Advanced search templates also need to have row column based positioning of the fields

4) Enhancement of Google Map - Google map needs to have functionalities which walkscore and other toold provide. It should diaplay neighbourhood information on google map .

5) Performance - Performance needs to be enhanced. I know Sergey is working hard on it, but still needs to do research on how to enhance its performance.

6) compliant/integration with other templates - Currently it does not support t3 latest framework. It should be compliant with zoo, t3 and grid/rocket theme.

7) Better galary/pictures view - Currently it is integrated with galario and others. it consumes lots of space and due to these integration, the performance is also slow. I would recommend to have a very simple view like galierio developed in it. Also needs to have support to have watermark on picture based on field value.

8) Google Map records template - inclusion of search text box

9) Thinking of how a site can generate revenues - For example fully integration of paid based Featured record etc etc

10) Save Searches

11) Appointment/Booking functionality

12) Fully integration of social tools like facebook, google+ etc etc

13) SEF/Sitemap and full google index/search integration

This is upto Sergey on how he has organised. I would love to see what new features are included in cobalt9. Also when is cobalt 9 going to be released. What time frame we are seeing here/

Last Modified: 04 Mar 2015

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brianpat VIP
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03 Mar 2015 12:54

No Comment? Not even from Sergey?

pepperstreet VIP
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03 Mar 2015 16:57

Hello brianpat,

the status is "reviewed", so your topic got attention. Many things in your list have been discussed in separate topics, or they are complex suggestions in regards of workflow and UX. The latter give a lot of room for discussions and would probably lead into "endless comments"... I am sure all your thoughts are valid and recognized ;)

BTW, here is a related COBALT 9 topic to structure and filter the ideas! Join it...

Cobalt 9 RoadMap - work in progress

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04 Mar 2015 05:34

I wount comment all features here now untill I get to the point of working on them. I marked it with tag Cobalt 9. When I start doing that I start discuss those.

But I am bery thankfull for all your work you have done for this topic and some other very precious topics and replays.

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