klox7 VIP
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10 Aug 2016 18:05


now and then I go to my project created with Cobalt to update stuff and see if everything is OK. Today I checked Extensions: Manage list in Joomla and noticed that Emerald has duplicated entries.

EDIT: Same is with Cobalt. I checked other extensions and they do not have duplicated entries.



Last Modified: 15 Aug 2016

pepperstreet VIP
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11 Aug 2016 20:15

Hello klox7, I remember I had the same issue on one of my demo installations... but I could not replicate it again.
I just know that this site went through many updates, but I don't know the timeframe or if a specific Cobalt version has been the original cause.

pepperstreet VIP
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15 Aug 2016 00:02

Bingo! Got the same issue after updating Cobalt 8.868 -> 8.722 (Joomla 3.6.2)
I have created a Cobalt topic over here...

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