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21 Jul 2015 10:25


on my site users can add reviews (cobalt types as comments) to records. User must first find a record and then there is a add review button.

Can I somehow also add another option but reversed.

Instead of finding record first there would be a button "add review" on site and first step would be to select record (from dropdown or something) and then user will fill form. This way you don't have to go to record page first.


Last Modified: 23 Jul 2015

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21 Jul 2015 19:06

It is not possible out of the box. Only wth small customizations and custom plugin.

klox7 VIP
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22 Jul 2015 10:15

Are you talking about modifying submit module?

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23 Jul 2015 13:41

I thought of this.

  1. Create listautocomplete field with SQL source list of parent articles.
  2. Create Cobat plugin onAfterSubmit that will assign parent_id of the submited article to one selected in listautocomplete.
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