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21 Jun 2021 19:41

I have a client who's a non-profit that delivers meals to elderly and shut-ins. Their current site is Please referto this page to see the 2 PDFs I mention below. (button links below the revolving images).

Every month they post a menu (see MENU - JULY 2021) with a corresponding Order Form (see ORDER FORM - JULY 2021). Note, meals do not remain the same each month.

What I'm trying to do is merge these 2 PDFs into one webpage which shows the menu and allows clients to order with checkboxes the meals that they want. As many of their clients are older, I'm not proposing they have to login each time they order. I'm thinking they just add their name and address to the form each time.

In addition to the merging issue, the resulting frontend interface for Meals of Joy staff needs to be simple enough for them to upload new images and meal descriptions each month.

If merging the 2 isn't going to be easy from either a back- or front-end standpoint, I'd settle for getting the order form onto the site. The problem I have with any current form builders is the change of days/dates each month. I can't just have days 1-31 as the number of days per month is different, and the 1st is on different days of the week. This is important as weekends just have a single meal option for both days, delivered on Fridays.

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15 Aug 2023 07:26

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05 Sep 2023 11:35

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