20 Nov 2020 13:29

how can be a existing movie file connected to the movie field without an additional upload. The link and embedded option will not work.

Last Modified: 21 Nov 2020

Giorgi625 VIP
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20 Nov 2020 20:39

Can you provide more details?

21 Nov 2020 08:50

The details: I have already uploaded movies on my webpage (transfered already with ftp). Now I want to create a link to this movie with video field of cobalt. I don't find a way to create such a link to the internal file.

Giorgi625 VIP
Total posts: 603
21 Nov 2020 15:43

No this will not work, you should upload it via Video field from submit form.

Or you can create new field which will have HTML5 Video player code in output template and in submit form you will type path to video file you already uploaded and this should work.

Here is simple HTML 5 code for Video Click here to link...

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