30 Jul 2020 21:41

We are looking for a solution that would allow guests to register and create an account with a system similar to a monthly subscription. Each month we are planning to release a new piece of content in the form of a digital download. If a visitor pays for that month (or has paid for the year up front) the download will be available to them when that month starts. If they do not pay or their payment information is invalid (with automatic subscription) they will not have access to that download for the month. They could after that month has passed then pay an additional fee to unlock the previous month's download. The monthly amount does not accrue each month they miss or chose not to pay, they simply have to pay more after the month has passed to download that same file. Their membership is always active, the fee they pay simply activates the ability to download the file for that month.


Is this something your software can do? Do you happen to know of any software that does this or you could develop?

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31 Jul 2020 04:47

It can do. For that you will have to upload your daunloads into category grouped monthly, so that you can bind subsciprion to those particular downloads.

Main idea every month you create new category in your downloads extension like docMan or others, then create subscription that protects downloads only in that particular category(folder). This way user can buy any month later.

Also Emerald does not have registration form. It can be used with any registration extension. And since user can subscribe later, there is no subscription during registration but after. For user it might look like 2 step registration. And there is SDR. Please read more about subscription flows here

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