05 Jun 2020 21:04

Hello. I have a custom drop-down field for Joomla articles with a country's provinces. I have created a personalized user group, I want that when registering or choosing a subscription, they can choose: A province Free from the drop-down menu and if they want, for each additional province they have to pay example 5 euros per year to read the articles. So it would be, a free choice and the other additional paid choices, all with a single custom drop-down field or checkbox. Obviously, this will be the field of my provinces, which will act as a filter for the articles to be read for my custom group Can this be done in the emerald settings?

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pepperstreet VIP
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21 Aug 2020 23:29

Hello, simply missed your topic. Unfortunately, you have not registered a free account, which allows you to follow your question.
Hopefully you read my answer anyway...

EMERALD can restrict any content by its URL, or just parts of an URL. Addionally there are some special Restriction Rules. For instance: Joomla core com_content , K2 , Kunena Forum etc.

Please, give some more details about your content structure, categories, menuitems. What is a "province" in your case? etc.

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