12 May 2014 17:43

I've installed Mighty Extensions but I just use Mighty Registration. My website is online since 2010 and the plugin has worked since then.

Yesterday my client reported that the registration is not working. I looked it and the following error is happening:

Error: the XML response that was returned from the server is invalid. Received:

Output has already been sent to the browser at C:xxxxxxxxindex.php:2. Please make sure the command $xajax->processRequests() is placed before this. You have whitespace at the beginning of your response.

I was thinking to update the plugin but there is a warning at the download page which made me afraid to do it.

The question: can I update it by this new domain? Or do you have any other solution?

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13 May 2014 05:45

Mighty Registration is free now and license independent. You can install on as many domains as you want.

The error you have may be because of error reporting. You have to check what is sent to output before Ajax works. Check in in browser inspector.

Mighty Asistant is not working any more. Because there is no MightyExtensions website out there that had served updates.

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