30 Apr 2013 08:51

I have few question regarding how to achieve these followings. It might be possible to do in Cobalt, But I did not get any well documentation where it says the step to do this.

Here are the ones I have currently issue with:

1) Gallery Field: Currently with the gallery field, all the images are shown in the article, which is not a nice idea to do. For example if you have got 20 images, then all images will occupy full on the article detail page, which looks very odd. Is there any other way so that we have a horizontal scrollbar which contains all the thumbs of images and when you click it opens up a lightbox. I would actually prefer the gallery box to show as the following url, where when you click one thumb, the main images get loaded. Is it possible?

2) Ajax Functionality in the Text search field (I think someone asked this before) - Is it possible?

3) Improvement to google geomap field. I think the geomap field needs to have a text box where people can enter the post code/address they want and then they can set the distance from the input field. Is it possible?

4) Improvement to google map view - Currently there is no button to look the listings in street view. You need to drag the little man icon to the location you want. But it would be nice and easier if you have already a button which will show street view once you click it

5) SEO Functionality is very poor - This needs a very good SEO

6) Import Functionality - It is not there in Cobalt - I would like to hear if there is any plan to have this in future.

7) Displaying of fields in number of Columns in module - I think someone has asked this before. But I would like if there is any settings regarding number of columns that you can set, where all fields will be displayed on the module accordingly.

8) Inclusion of more fields type in Cobaly: with seblod, you have lots of field, which means it is designed out of the box. You can do anything you want. I would like Cobalt also include more field types and also think in the line of integrating joomla plugins as fields

9) Current Date Time Field: With Cobalt date field, there is no way to set the date from today to future, would be nice if we have this in the setting

10) The last thing is integration of calendar events/Appointment field in cobalt - It is not there in Cobal8

Sergey and all have done the fantastic work, I am not criticizing you guys, please dont misunderstood me. But these are the key for CCK and I would like to have them as I feel they are very much necessary if you are building a site.

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stblink VIP
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03 Jun 2013 08:26

Implement what? It is long topic with dozens of issues

The limit of uploads files/gallery per Usergroup

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04 Jun 2013 03:28

Right now we do not have this in the list. But it looks like reasonable feature to limit number or uploads per group or even subscription.

I have added it to our task list but it will be done only in Cobalt 9.

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