19 Feb 2013 04:24


we need field interactive function.

field A and field or more at the same type...maybe they are same field type, can set some parameter to get this related...


  1. if want fill field B, must fill field A first.

  2. if fill field B, field A can not be fill.

  3. if fill field A, must field B together.

  4. this maybe more deeply, for Select field type : if field A select Car, field B will only show you to choose are Car related option, if field A select mobile phone , field B will only show you to choose are mobile phone related option.

thank you

Last Modified: 29 Apr 2014

clowride VIP
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19 Feb 2013 04:46

did you try Multiple level select field ?

19 Feb 2013 05:05


maybe good choose, but i think not perfect!

i think if i use field A (Video type), just cant be use field B (gallery type)

or for example

Field A (related type) to link content type x

Field B (related type) to link content type y

if author want to show content X just using field A, author need show content y, must using field B, but the this content never link to content x and content y together

thank you

clowride VIP
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19 Feb 2013 05:07

ah ok i understood, like a conditional field in fact

19 Feb 2013 05:21


i think this function will make COB more powerful

thank you

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20 Feb 2013 06:47

This is long discussed feature. It is in the list, but not high priority at the moment.

mozaffar VIP
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29 Apr 2014 08:41

I think this can be very useful if there was an option for each field to insert a script. this s a very simple solution wich can let the administrator to do a bunch of acts for it self. Isn't it?

Some powerful components such as RS Form Pro and BreezingForm have this feature.

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