03 May 2013 13:29


I have a problem with the device of Glossary,

I have a menu type "Section records list" used - is that right? I'm not sure, all the other points I have worked on the video - Quick Start and the video glossary but it does not work ...

I always have the error:

     Please edit category index template parameters

     Please edit markup template parameters

     Please edit menu template parameters

     Please edit filter template parameters

     Please edit articlelist template parameters

Can you understand my mistake from these messages?

I would be delighted to help.

Sorry for my bad english


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06 May 2013 01:12

In Backend Cobalt 7 menu click templates. Увше every template you use and save its settings.

26 Jan 2020 13:45

Hej Mint I just installed plg_cobalt.content.glossary.j3.v.8.29 on my Joomla 3 site, after that my site is completly dead, only the admin login works, but when I try other menuse, ther is only a blank page. I cant find any files installed anywher, with "mint", "cobalt" og "glossary" in it. Is ther any advise in uninstalling this glossary plugin from joomla mannualy ?

Total posts: 13,744
29 Jan 2020 07:25

Please enable debug mode and error repoprting to max in global Joomla configuration.ерут you will see what coauses the error.

22 Mar 2021 19:28

Thank you guys for your help, I found a lot of valuable advices!

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