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Parent and child create one-to-many or even many-to-many relationship between articles or article types. For example Composer->Albums, Movie->Actor, Product->Review, ...

The file includes two fields Parent and Child

It can show list of children, add new child or attach existing child. It created dual relationship. It support filtering. It means you can see all parents with particular child. In real world for example all Movies of particular Actor.

Although actually child mast has only one parent, we made it so you can set multiple parents for children, thus create many-to-many relationship. Real example MovieActor. Actor may be related to many movies and moves may be related to may actors although it is obvious that movie is a parent and actor is a child.

Core Field Features

Feature Yes
Searchable Yes
Filterable Yes
Javascript validation Yes

Specific Plugin Features

  • Set Filter box style
  • Notifications. To get notification user have to follow an article
  • Set Who is notified on add child
  • Set Who is notified on attach child
  • Form Control.Choose How to chose children: Autocomplete with Ajax, checbox, multipleselect, pop-up
  • Set user strict for users group. When select parent, user strict allow to see only articles created by current user.
  • Limit to current user. If enabled user will be able to set relations only between articles created by him
  • Set Show (Add New) button for users group
  • Set different template for Children articles


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