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paypal PayPal - is most popular payment gateway. With this payment plug-in, users will be able to buy subscriptions to your site, paying for them via PayPal

If PayPal is not officially supported in your country but you want your customers pay through paypal, we suggest 2Chekout payment gateway.

Payment Plugin Features:

  • Supports all messages including refund, fraud status change, invoice status change.
  • Automatically cansel user order on refund or fraud pass fail
  • Can allow immidiate assess to product even before fraud review
  • Ability to customize the display of the plugin
  • Support HTTP version 1.1

PayPal plugin features: Paypalimgs

  • Whidelly trusted, relayble, good reputation payment processor.
  • PayPal encrypts your sensitive financial information so the only person who can see it is you.
  • Customers pay with PayPal
  • PayPal gives you the flexibility to pay however you like when you shop or send money.

How to configure

Configure Plugin

  • Go to Extensions / Plug-in Manager / Emerald / Payment Processor [PayPal]
  • Enter PayPal Account (E-mail)
  • Choose Transaction currency
  • If you want to use the opportunity to User Recurring payments (Subscriptions), select and configure other options for this feature


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