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Field video allow post videos on the site with 3 different methods. 1. Upload, 2 Embed and 3 Link. You can use one of those oк 3 methods at one time.

Upload will be played in HTML5 player if supported by browser. And if not it will play in flash player. It uses best player our there which is JW PLayer. Link is a new and smart way to insert video. You do not need to know anything about embed code. You just copy link you watch video on and paste it there. This field will find and show video. That is this simple.

Specific Plugin Features

  • 3 video posting modes Upload, Embed, Link
  • Limit every method for number of videos
  • Auto size. Will be automatically adjusted to available width.
  • HTML5 support for uploaded videos (only on some formats in some browsers)
  • JWPlayer to play uploaded videos


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