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1 Joomla 3 pkg_emerald.j3.v.10.101.zip 10 733 Kb
2 Joomla 3 pkg_emerald.j3.v.10.104.zip 34 736 Kb
3 Joomla 3 pkg_emerald.j3.v.9.467.zip 20 584 Kb


  • Emerald 10 is all new exclusively Joomla® 3 series extension with all amazing features described in overview.

Standard package will install.

  1. Emerald component
  2. Offline payment gateway
  3. All additional fields (crosssell, upsell, notes, dates)
  4. Universal restriction rule adapter
  5. System restricter plugin
  6. Content cleaner plugin
  7. User plans granter/subscribe during registration plugin

The difference between Buy Now and Join Club is that Buy Now only will give you access to this particualr download, and Join Club will give you access to all downloads in Emerald categoriy. All gateways, actions, rules, ...

Please read Emerald quick start tutorial.


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