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Let me introduce you Responsive Youtube Video Field. What is difference between Cobalt's default Video Field and this field? As name says it is only for displaying youtube videos (no video uploading or other video providers, only youtube) on your site and it is Responsive. It will stretch to its parent div and display good on any size of screen, while Video field loads video with fixed width and height(you can compare it in image, soon will be available demo page). But this is not only plus of this field. It also uses less requests as it does not load video iframe on pageload, but only thumbnail and only after clicking on thumbnail video is loaded, so it makes less requests which makes your pages load faster. I compared both fields on same page and when both fields were disabled it made 72 requests. when using Cobalt Video field it made 93 requests and when using Responsive Youtube Video Field it made 75 requests. So if you need only youtube videos on your site then this is good option for you. It has not any options in backend because it does not need any for this moment (maybe in future if added any features will be updated) so you just install field and enable it. In submit for there is input field where you should paste Youtube Video ID. To get Youtube Video ID simply click on Share button below youtube video and in popup window you will see url like this


where Video ID is fN-YPbbGUoE


30 Aug 2020
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F: Facebook
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