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I have stopped development!!! I think it's better to create different templates for the URL field of Mintjoomla team. Thus, there is a better compatibility for future versions. And also it will be easier to maintain. So you can use it, but i recommend to use URL-Field.

This field allows you to show a thumbshot (website preview) and link to the website. Thumbshotproviders in this release:

  • thumbsniper.com
  • shrinktheweb.com
  • thumbshots-server.com

Possible Settings:

  • Thumbshotprovider: Provider (see above) with different thumbshot sizes
  • Show Thumb: Without URL, Before URL, After URL and Hover URL
  • Accesskey ID: Only needed for shrinktheweb (maybe will add another provider where we will need it)
  • Target: New Window and Current Window


15 May 2013
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Helmut Müller

W: Website
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