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Embed product information, reviews and links from Amazon Web Services as a Cobalt field.


  • Turn on/off reviews
  • Turn on/off similiar products
  • Turn on/off costumer reviews
  • Show up to 10 products
  • Use Cache


Here you can see some examples: Amazon Demo

What do you need?

  • PHP5 with SimpleXML (default install on most PHP5.2 and above)
  • Amazon Associate ID, AWS Account (Public and Secret Key)

How to use?

Set up the field:

  1. Choose the country where your Amazon Store is located.
  2. Type in your Amazon Access Key
  3. Type in your Amazon Secret Key
  4. Type in your Amazon Associate ID

Enter value in the field:

  1. Search the ASIN of the product you want to show:
    1. Go to the Amazon Store and search the product;
    2. Look at the URL, there is a 10 digits number. Example: http://www.amazon.de/Die-gro %C3%9Fen-H%C3%B6rspiele-Buddenbrooks-Zauberberg/dp/3867176612/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1296555780&sr=8-1 (3867176612 is the ASIN in this case);
  2. Type in the ASIN (in your content or article):
  • To show more then one product type in the ASINs comma seperated without space! e.g. 3333455,BBER99994,....; Choose ItemLookup. OR
  • Type in a searchword and choose a category where to search.


  • Added some Fonteawsome 4.4 icons in output/default.php template
  • Added en-GB language file
  • Some small bugfixes


  • Changed from Rokbox1 to Rokbox2
  • Added Bootstrap responsive code
  • Added Import (for ASIN only)


17 May 2013
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Helmut Müller

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