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Simple and useful Community Builder plugin to show up to 4 tabs on a user profiles with Cobalt Records.

Based on the Cobalt API, inspired by the Cobalt Records Module, this plugin allow to declare some tabs to show Cobalt Records.

    Settings by Tab :
  • SubTitle: A title (H2) to show in your tab
  • Introduction text: An introduction text to show under the subtitle
  • Section ID: Home section of records. Unfortunately CB does not support Joomla elements, then you have to declare the ID of the section
  • View What: Elements to show between created, favourites, rated, commented, last visited and followed
  • Primary Order: Like defined in the CR Module
  • Limit: Number of item to show
  • View more link: not used for now
  • Sub Template override: Specific sub template to show. You have to enter the name of the list template manually, without the prefix and extension (ie: default_list_default.php => default)

This extension is free and proposed by Abstrakt Graphics

This plugin do not allow actually to implement the moderation menu on item. I was thinking it was not really needed on CB user profile. If you need it, you can uncomment the code on line 148 and 149 to load Mint moodropmenu CSS and JS, but I did not test this part...

It's allow of course to see the favourite link (icon), but for now the page need to be reloaded if the profile owner remove an item from bookmark.

30 Nov 2012
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Abstrakt Graphics - Christophe CROSAZ
75010, France

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