It is a second Friday and thereу is no new release.

Some of you may think that development stagnated again. But I am writing this post for you to know that it is not.

At first, I was thinking that first I need to make all enhancements and refactors of logic, and then I change how Cobalt looks. But more I was working, more I understood that if I do not change UI framework now, later, I’ll have to redo everything that I consider now as done. For instance, I updated upload type fields with new Flow.js upload library, but visual of new UI element was done in Bootstrap 2. So, I must refactor it again. And I decided, first switch to new UI framework and only then continue to correct everything else.

I was waiting more discussions on issue tracker because I needed to make some crucial decisions. Sad that most of you lost interest and stopped commenting.

Anyway, I’ve chosen Bootstrap 4 framework for all Cobalt interface. On templates with BS4 support it should work natively, on templates without BS4 support, you can turn on compatibility mode and Cobalt will load customized version of BS4 that will provide components for UI but affect styles, font sizes, colors, etc, … as less as possible.

And I should say, I did not expect this work to be so massive. 2 weeks are over and there are so much more things to do. And more I do, more I discover things to be done. Sometimes I even feel despaired, and even what to quit, because, I loose faith, one man can do all that. But putting frustration aside, step by step I am moving forward.

First picture, example of form. AT first it looks almost the same, but everything is different. This form looks like table, but it is totally flex based and 100% responsive. You can see that icons now are font based.

Second example records lists. You can see that it is much cleaner now. Every item has submenu with lot of useful actions.

And some other pictures.

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