Here is new Emerald 9.402 version with few cool features.

One click migration from AEC

When first version of Emerald (under name JContentSubscritpion) in 2007 was released, there was no other membership extensions for Joomla except AEC. Emerald was first Joomla only extension and AEC came to Joomla from Mamba. JContentSubscription was released even earlier that Joomla 1.0 stable.

And now look where we are, AEC EOT.

We know how frustrating it might be, when membership extension is not supported anymore. That happen to AkeebaSubscription recently. So we created special Emerald layer to simplify any migration. Based on this layer we can quickly create migration plugins. We already have one click migrations for:

  • AEC
  • AkeebaSubscription
  • OSE membership
  • OS Membership Pro
  • Emerald 8
  • Mighty Membership

For all AEC users. We have created one click migration from AEC to Emerald including Plans, Subscriptions, Coupons.

Good news, we do not plan Emerald EOT (We even have Emerald 10 almost ready) and we have one click migration for you. And now Emerald is officially oldest supported membership extension for Joomla. We are doing this so long that Emerald have almost any possible feature. So you will not lose functionality.

Stripe Gateway

This is long waited feature for some people. Now it is here. Stripe integration is very advanced. It supports recurring payment (stripe subscriptions). It will automatically create Stripe plans for you. It will also manage your customers. When customer is created in your stripe dashboard, metadata like username, email, name and ID are attached. So you can search customers in your Stripe dashboard by Joomla username.

It also supports webhooks. When there is a refund or dispute created, user subscription will be automatically unpublished. And when dispute is resolved it will publish it again (of course if you win).


  • fix - offline payment gateway and RDS
  • improve - payapl settings for language
  • fix - TOS display
  • add - Stripe gateway
  • add - emerald payment gateways buttons templates.
  • add - adjust date time in emerald email. Change place holder from [START] to [START+3] to add 3 hours.
  • add - AEC importer
  • add - new scenario to create subscription. If you enter exact end date bot not start date, subscription will start from now and end on indicated date. - fix - read more button to blog template
  • enhance - js action prints HTML and parse for placeholders.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Import []
  • Emerald Rule []


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