Here is new version of most advanced Joomla CCK - Cobalt 8.665.

In this version we have few noticeable changes.

Geo field

Finally we've got ridden of maxmind API for detecting location. Now we are using for detecting location. IP-API is free up to 2000 queries a day. This is more than enough for most of users. And then you can purchase very small amount if you need more queries.

Clean User

That might be very important change. Now Cobalt system plugin will clean Cobalt DB tables when user is deleted. Over 25 queries are executed there. All his articles, history and also everything connected to those articles like subscriptions, hits, ratings will be deleted.

Please be careful when you delete user. You might loose your data forever (unless you have backup).

I am eager to hear your input on this and say what you think. Please comment and say how you expect Cobalt to behave when user is deleted?


  • change - allow edit comments for article author id "author can moderate" is on.
  • fix - lost parent if article submission error occur.
  • fix - canonical URLs now the same for root Itemid. This is a hack over Joomla JRouter error that generates different SEF URLs for the same URI.
  • add - toggle style filter template for Cobalt types selection.
  • add- clean DB when user deleted
  • improve - geo field find initial location uses now.

Files Affected

  • Cobalt []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Relate []
  • Plugin []


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