Here is the new version of Emerald 9.348 - Leading paid membership extensions for Joomla.

This week update brings us 2 new additions.

First is AliPay payment gateway. Yes I know. Most probably you read it and ask "What!? There was not gateways for ApiPay?". I agree it is important gateway, and now there is.

Another is the simple but very cool action that changes Kunena forum rank for subscribed user. It took us only 30 minutes to create this action, but how cool is that?

It is also smart enough to remove the rank. Emerald analyze all user subscriptions and see what ranks are allowed and remove user from currently assigned rank, only if it is required.

I mean there will not be conflicts like plan A set one rank and other plan B set another rank. then plan A expires and rank is reset to 0, when it should be still rank of plan B.

We have all this covered.

So if you need anything else just tell us.


  • add - new gateway AliPay.
  • add - Kunena rank change action

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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