Here is new version of great and oldest Joomla CCK version 8.633.

There are few new features in this release. module records now can compare field values more smartly. And Status field now can change status when article commented not only for standard comments but for "Comments as cobalt type" as well.

Small features but for some people who asked for it less than 5 days ago, those are huge changes that let them do what they want. Those people will be astonishes how quick we had delivered.

If you want the same experience, when you finally can get your project done because other people care, try Cobalt out. You won't regret.


  • fix - date field - show in calendar.
  • fix - cobalt - field records with map template geo getmarkerlist record id was
  • fix - cobalt - table name
  • fix - module - filters exclude fields with same names
  • add - cobalt type as comment parameter who can see whole comments block.
  • fix - cobalt - view what on home page
  • add - comment as cobalt type - works with status field reopen when comment added.
  • add - module records - parameter how to compare fields values
  • fix - cobalt - back in home page
  • fix - cobalt - json error on copy template
  • fix - image - delete uploaded file

Affected files

  • Cobalt []
  • Comemnt []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Module []
  • Module []


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