New version of Emerald 9.307 - beautiful Joomla membership extension.

In this version we were working on Restrict Anything feature. For those who do not know about this feature, this cool guy, allows you to restrict any part of your site by placing anything between [PAID] and [UNPAID] placeholders.

New and old customers

First [PAID] will protect anything that is in between, only for subscribers. Second [UNPAID] will display anything in between to unpaid users. This one is usually used to display attraction message to new customers.

But here is the problem. Not active members are different. One are those who just came and very new. And others are those who already used to be a subscriber, but just have not yet updated membership. And message usually have to be different for those 2 different users.

How you can use 2 new placeholders [NEW] and [EXPIRED]. Everything between [NEW] will be visible only to new customers and anything in between [EXPIRED] will be visible only to those, who already have expired subscription.


    Access to this content was purchased total <b>43<b> in <b>0</b> countries.

    As a new member you can read thousands of cool articles. 
    Please <a href="/join/">subscribe now</a>.


Cool, isn't it. It is kinda geeky, but it is simple and give you so much freedom.


And did you notice [STAT_TOTAL] and [STAT_COUNTRIES] placeholders? Yeas, this is another addition. You want to impress your customers, how valuable is your content by people around the world? Those are placeholders you can use.


  • add - statistic place holders.
  • add - emerald - new placeholders inside [UNPAID]. See docs for more details.
  • fix - emerald - webmoney payment gateway depricated to use MD5. Switched to SHA 256.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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