Here is the latest version of amazing Joomla paid membership extension - Emerald 9.274.

Exodus to Emerald

Sinсe Emerald is such an amazing membership extension, and many other people just want to move their existing membership extensions to Emerald, we added another one click migration.

If you have Membership Pro from OS Solution ( you may switch to Emerald with one click.

I want to remind that we already have migrators from:

  • Akeeba Subscriptions
  • OSE Membership
  • Mighty Membership
  • And old Emerald 8.

Other features

  • add - New cross plan parameter to hide other plans if current plan has been purchased.
  • enhance - In cross plan parameters now you may affect plan price with fixed amount along with percentage or depending on the price of the other plans.
  • fix - coupon percent discount.
  • fix - emerald did not work without joomla core system javascript file loaded on some pages.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Import []
  • Emerald Import []


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