New version of amazing Joomla membership subscription extension - Emerald 9.251 is here folks.

The noticeable feature in this real ease is a donations. Now you can set plan to be purchased as donation. You can allow user to enter donation amount manually but always limit minimum. Or you can allow user to chose amount from the list.


Donation plans have different button in the list.



  • fix - emerald placeholders like [USER] in email texts now case insensitive
  • enhance - emerald - action bmm and user plugin from xmlrpc to php lib
  • add - emerald - search plugin Fixed #127
  • add - emerald - donation
  • add - emerald - ecommtools integration

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Gateway []


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