I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

Here is new version of Cobalt 8.542 - fascinating Joomla 3 CCK that can do anything you want.

We do not publish announcement in our blog every week, but we continue to release new versions every Thursday. So, if there is no news, you can still do and download latest updated version.

In this version coolest addition is the Robokassa payment gateway. This gateway does not support multiple vendors, but works perfect and absolutely FREE.

Все руско-язычные пользователи могут воспользоваться Плагином терминала оплат Робокасса для продаж файлов, купонов или серийных номеров или просто доступа с страничкам.


  • fix - cobalt - utf8 article title length
  • enhance - Allow new record for moderator restriction by category
  • enhance - validation amount of categories on server site
  • fix - cobalt - audit log arrays from states not a strings
  • fix - filter selectable fields values entered as language keys.
  • add - cobalt - gateway robokassa.
  • fix - image field - added jpeg extension
  • fix - register field - language key

Affected Files

  • Cobalt [com_cobalt.j3.v.8.542.zip]
  • Gateway [payment_cobalt.j3.robokassa.v.8.4.zip]
  • Plugin [plg_cobalt.mint.formatter_csv.j3.v.8.6.zip]
  • Templates [pkg_cobalt.j3.templates.v.8.689.zip]


  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.datetime.v.8.69.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.geo.v.8.170.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.image.v.8.59.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.multilevelselect.v.8.71.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.register.v.8.32.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.video.v.8.74.zip]
  • Relate [field_cobalt.j3.relations.v.8.52.zip]


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