New version of Emerald 9.168 in out. Emerald is an amazing Joomla membership extension.

In this version, cool new features.

Rules Adapters Enhancements

  1. Independent Usage Limit

    Now you can set usage calculation per rule, not per subscription plan. You set usage limit in plan but you may exclude some rules to calculate usages.

    For example you want unlimited access to read content but only 3 files to download.

  2. Custom Restriction Message

    Now every rule have restriction message parameter. Instead of using general message like "You do not have access to this page/action" you may use something like "You try to download subscription protected file. Please subscribe and it will be immediately available!"

    You can use language keys in that parameter for multi language support.

  3. IDs ranges

    Now in default and com_content rule adapters you may enter values/ids not only using comas 1,2,3 but ranges like 1-3 or mixed 1-3,5,8-12.

Crossplan Discounts

Crossplan is an unique set of parameters that allow setup plan dependencies.

Now you can set % discount based on previously purchased plans. For example.

  • Get 20% discount on plan A and B while you plan B is still active.
  • Get 10% discount on plan A if you purchase it second time or more.
  • Get 10% discount on plan B if you have ever purchased plan A.

These are only some examples of new parameters. But depending on requirement that may create much more discount scenarios.


  • add - emerald - Rule independent usage count.
  • add - emerald - For every rule custom restriction message.
  • fix - world pay gateways callback check if there are non Latin character in password.
  • enhance - emerald - default rule adapter and com_content adapter accept ranges.
  • fix - 100% discount coupon or $0.00 price plans activation.
  • add - cross plan % discount.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Emerald Rule []
  • Emerald Rule []
  • Emerald Rule []
  • Emerald Rule []


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