New version of Cobalt 8.531 - amazing Joomla alternative content editor is here.

One of the most interesting highlights is new Emerald integration.

  • add - cobalt vip status by emerald subscriptions. Cobalt may append VIP icon to the user name according to user status in Emerald. There are 3 icons.

    1. Gold icon - For those users who in total purchased more than $X amount indicated in parameter.
    2. Silver icon - For the rest users who have at least one active subscription.
    3. Gray icon - For users that used to be active subscribers but now do not have active subscription.


  • add - new CSV formatter to export cobalt articles.
  • add - change article access level if article gets expired and change it back when prolonged.
  • add - comment type as comment - "new comment" button position parameter
  • add - cobalt - type parameter to add prefix to success add and edit article message. Thus you can change this message per type. See parameter tooltip for details.
  • fix - records module - article author now understand article full view.
  • fix - cobalt - gif resizer.
  • fix - cobalt - section_id in request in comment form view
  • fix - new article event is triggered only on articles published state.
  • fix - audit log fatal error.
  • fix - cobalt - function _getVal from selectable to field class

Affected Files

  • Cobalt []
  • Comemnt []
  • Field []
  • Module []


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