Here is new version of most flexible and quickest Joomla CCK 8.512!

One new feature that is worth to mention is this:

  • add - parameter to parent and child fields to allow access to restricted article for authors or of the relations.

That means that you can allow users to submit children privately and only child author and parent article author will see it. This parameter makes parent article author considered as special.


  • fix - model problem with new field in backend, fatal error on save and others after Joomla update.
  • update - lightbox library to latest version 1.2.7
  • fix - pagination on user homepage
  • add - parameter for select and multiple select fields to make them as Joomla HTML called chosen.
  • enhance - register field now check password according Joomla password restrictions parameters.
  • fix - cobalt - no section_id in request on full view.
  • fix - cobalt - model in when building a pack.

Affected Files

  • Cobalt []
  • Media []
  • Module []


  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Field []
  • Relate []


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