New version of Emerald 9.197 - amazing Joomla membership is here!

This version contain 2 great new features.

Automatic User Account Activation

We create new cool method to activate new users. This feature is only applicable with subscription during registration.

Right now in Joomla users may activate account by self through email confirmation or by admin. But what if you want users to be automatically confirmed after purchase?

You can easily do that with new feature. Read more here.

  • add - emerald automatic user activation on success purchase.
  • add - auto login option if automatic activation is turned on.

Agree terms of service

Now in the any plan you can select Joomla article and it will become terms and service agreement requirement. Users will not be able to process purchase until agree.

  • add - agree terms of service.

Other Changes

  • add - acymailing action - lists to add or remove on plan deactivation.
  • fix - emerald - translate category name
  • add - exclude invoicing for $0.00 plans.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Easysocial []


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