Crazy discounts by MintJoomla are here!

First of all we are happy to move our site to Joomla 3 series and as a result we use Cobalt 8 and Emerald 9, the latest version of our components.

Cheaper Price

The fact that we moved to Joomla 3 has enabled us to offer Emerald based on subscriptions with cheaper price even without discount. If you could purchase Emerald minimum for $117.00 and that includes component and one payment gateway, now for $99.00 you can access all emerald downloads which total value is $550.00.

35% Discount

But even with cheaper price we are offering 35% discount for all plans from one year subscriptions and above. This will allow you to purchase one year subscription with price of 6 both subscription. Use coupon MINT-R3DY. This coupon will be active until 20 March ONLY.

Joomla 2.5 Absolutely FREE

It is hard to call a discount. This is nulled versions of Cobalt 7 AND Emerald 8 for Joomla 2.5 absolutely free. Yes this is what is says. Emerald 8 is absolutely free. Even no registration required. Those downloads includes everything. All commercial fields, modules, payment gateways. Everything we had for Joomla 2.5.

Other Changes

  1. New overviews for Cobalt 8 and Emerald 9.

  2. We have carefully migrated from AngelDesk support to forum based on Cobalt. It is very neat and have some cool features.

    We have tried to keep topic ownership. Not only ownership but you have to have same favorites and follow same topics.

    New system base few advantages over AngelDesk.

  • Follow categories or users
  • Automatically subscribe to every new topic
  • Quote selected text or whole topic
  • Markdown editor with files and pictures uploader
  • Syntax highlights
  1. New section Clients. Here you can show off what you have done with Cobalt.

So, folks, tell us what you think.


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