We are happy to announce new version of Emerald - 9.156 with cool new features.

Acymailing Integration

AcyMailing is a great newsletter/mass mail extension. Now we have an action that will subscribe user to indicated newsletter list after successful Emerald plan purchase.

It can serve as additional plan features, or you may simply use emerald to sell newsletters.

K2 Integration

First we have K2 action. This action will move user to K2 user group on success plan purchase. And of course move your back on subscription expire.

Second we have rule adapter, that allows fine tune K2 restriction. Restrict articles access, standard comments. You may also set if you what articles to show intro part or not.


When Emerald were Mighty Membership, it did not have invoices because we had specialized extension called Mighty Invoice which could handle Mighty Membership's invoices.

The Emerald invoice system was developed from scratch. It is smart and simple.

In this version Invoice view now finished.

There are still some ideas for Invoice mechanism improvements, but we consider this feature to be complete and ready to be used.


  • fix - kunena forum rule some parameters.
  • A lot of other fixes and improvements.
  • enhanced - emerald pay button interface enhanced and prepared for integration with on-site payments though gateways APIs.

Affected Files

  • Emerald [com_emerald.j3.v.9.156.zip]
  • Emerald Action [action_emerald.j3.acymail.v.9.2.zip]
  • Emerald Action [action_emerald.j3.group.v.9.7.zip]
  • Emerald Action [action_emerald.j3.k2group.v.9.2.zip]
  • Emerald Easysocial [easysocial_emerald.field.j3.v.9.5.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.rbk.v.9.18.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.skrill.v.9.17.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.vcs.v.9.21.zip]
  • Emerald Rule [rule_emerald.j3.com_k2.v.9.21.zip]
  • Emerald Rule [rule_emerald.j3.com_kunena.v.9.19.zip]


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